Madelin, Malcolm Island

Madelin, Malcolm Island

Thanks for joining me via cyberspace. My pages are essentially key areas in my life and will evolve as I do with this process. It could be a slow evolution compared to other sites, however, this seems like a fabulous way to share my work and musings.


Madelin’s bears reincarnate an international success!

Last December, while house-sitting in Fillols, a small village in S. France, for my dear friend Kobita Sen, I made several bears and left them to be fired. Recently, she was able to smoke fire them and now they are for sale in la Salle rouge, an artists space in the local community centre. The proceeds from bear sales will go to the local organization that is working to save the French Pyrenees brown bears (site in French only). Since the beginning of the 20th century, the brown bear populations in the French Pyranees have seen a decline, with about 20 in the 1980’s and now only 6 individuals are left in the region.

While in Spain, I met Miguel Mari Elosegi Irurtia, author of El oso pardo en los Pirineos (available in Spanish and Basque only). This book presents his research on the brown bears that live in the Catalunya (Spanish) Pyrenees. One population is holding around 200 and another under 100. The largest conflict is with shepherds, similar to the ranching situation here. Fortunately, there is strong proof of the success using the Pyrenees mountain dogs to keep the herds intact and maintaining a healthy distance with the bears. There is hope for a harmonious solution.

Madelin and Migel Mari Elosegi Irurtia

Madelin and Migel Mari Elosegi Irurtia


book: El oso pardo en los Pirineos

book:El oso pardo en los Pirineos









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Beltane wishes-May 1

We are here…once again mid-way between summer and winter….Beltane. Also known as Mayday. I wish you a fecund season of growth on all fronts.

I am launching this blog and site today. I am looking forward to having an informal forum to express myself. I sense a fruitful season ahead for myself too…with my art, my home-hunt and on the job front. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted!